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Build An Inclusive Digital Future - In 3 Steps

– Pathways For Prosperity Commission

  • Toolkit
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 10 January 2020

A broad and accessible toolkit from the Pathways For Prosperity Commission provides practical advice for governments interested in harnessing digital technologies for the whole of their economy

Anyone who has worked in government settings knows how often the word “digital” gets misused as a unique concept, separate to the workings of the state, even in 2019. This digital economy kit from the Pathways For Prosperity Commission looks at the potential growth technology can bring to the whole of their economy, and provides a framework for best practice.

The kit is divided into three simple areas: assessment, dialogue, and strategy, and the document is peppered with handy video explanations throughout.

It also sets out the four pillars which must be considered in any digital strategy - infrastructure, people, financing, and policy and regulation, with significant emphasis on inclusive society.

As Toby Phillips, Head of Research and Policy at the commission, states:

“People are fundamental to society. They are our human capital. But we must be especially mindful of those that are traditionally excluded from opportunities. We need to think about how to bring them into the digital economy and guard against any further exclusion.”

All in all, this kit should provide a useful reference for anyone at the start of the journey in terms of digital strategy and policy, which is fundamental on the road to Good ID.

The Digital Economy Kit is not about ICT sector strategy. Instead, we aim to help develop holistic, inclusive growth strategies that harness digital technologies throughout the economy

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