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Biometrics is a Security Threat

– Medium

Why biometric technologies fail to provide adequate security measures

The author argues that biometrics has more disadvantages than advantages, and technology is being rushed to market despite gaping vulnerabilities in security. He writes that in biometrics such as face, fingerprint, and voice recognition, there is always a chance of a false match.

“This issue is not as small as it seems it to be. We can’t afford that biometrics recognition authenticates someone else instead of the person it should.”

Meanwhile, hackers can create artificial fingerprints to bypass touch ID, and 3D masks can be designed to bypass facial recognition security. Once your biometrics are hacked, unlike a password, it can’t be reset - it belongs to the hackers forever.

Biometrics is a security threat to the authentication domain. Let’s get rid of the biometrics hype, and check thoroughly before adoption

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