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Biometrics Market Reports: Digital Identity, Smart Tickets, Computer Vision and China

– Biometric Update

New research from Markets and Markets shows digital identity solutions will grow by 17.3 percent over the next five years

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also projected to grow at a high rate, with Asia-Pacific expected to lead the growth.

β€œThe 178-page report cites rising authentication fraud, increased biometrics integration in smartphones, and the drive towards end-to-end customer experiences will drive market growth.”

There will also be significant growth in the smart ticketing market, with the technology being relied on to reduce fake or duplicate tickets.

The widespread use of facial recognition gets its own chapter in a new offering: 'Digital China – The Other Digital Superpower,' discusses how government support for 5G and facial recognition, among other key technologies, is fostering growth and strong market positioning for a number of domestic companies

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