Photo: iStock / stellalevi

Photo: iStock / stellalevi

Biometrics and Financial Inclusion: A roadmap for Implementing Biometric Identity Systems in sub-Saharan Africa

– Cenfri

In this research, Cooper, Rusare, van der Linden and Ferreira explore how one of the core elements of Good ID - biometric identifiers - can be used to enhance identification systems, empower consumers, and encourage systemic efficiencies in the financial sector

Technology, especially biometric technologies, can play an important role in solving some of the challenges in identification.

The authors first review the concepts of identity and biometrics before exploring biometric use cases, barriers, regulation, standards and interoperability.

Cooper, Rusare, van der Linden and Ferreira then provide a roadmap to assist regulators to understand the various building blocks of an effective biometric identity system for Good ID.

The urgent need to address financial exclusion as well as poor financial integrity ratings opens up the possibility for countries to adopt biometrics approaches that promote financial inclusion, financial integrity and national development objectives in the long run

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