Photo: kiattiporn kumpeng

Biometric Tracking Can Ensure Billions Have Immunity Against COVID-19

– Bloomberg

Samanth Subramanian explores the market of health data tracking and its new purpose to chart people infected with, immune to, and vaccinated for COVID-19

Subramanian follows the benefits and limitations of using biometric technology - like that offered by digital health identity company, Simprints - to successfully track COVID-19 vaccines and vaccinated populations all over the world, especially in developing countries.

“When a vaccine finally makes it to the market, it will be hustled into one of the widest, most complicated public-health campaigns of all time. Potentially every person on Earth will need a shot, and even in more moderate scenarios the number to be administered will run into the billions…Tracking patients, their health histories, and their COVID-19 vaccinations will be an enormous exercise in record-keeping—one made that much knottier because a seventh of the planet’s population is difficult to monitor.”

Subramanian also presents views from digital identity and privacy rights advocates who warn that a global-scale implementation of a system like Simprints is rife with potential for misuse of data, violations of privacy and human rights, and plain old system hacking.

Privacy campaigners worry that even biometric ID protocols that appear robust on paper can break down in the face of real-world corruption and disorder

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