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Biometric Payment, Access and ID Cards Launching Around the World

– Biometric Update

A round-up of the latest news and developments in biometric technology shows that COVID is accelerating efforts towards digital identity

This article summarizes the main technologies that are gaining momentum in the biometrics industry. These range from biometric payment cards by Mastercard, to Belarus and Kenya rolling out biometric identity cards.

“Data privacy and security remains a common concern, but regulations are reported to be now in place to provide a legal framework for Huduma cards.”

The pandemic has decreased the biometrics market this year, but it is expected to bounce back stronger next year as demand increases. However, the article notes that concerns around privacy, security, and surveillance are inherent to the introduction of new technologies.

Facial recognition is among the technologies that have been identified by the EU as potential risks for being implemented in rights-violating surveillance systems after they have been acquired for a different stated purpose. New restrictions are therefore being placed on exports of the technology

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