Biometric Data and the Taliban: What Are the Risks?

– The New Humanitarian

The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan is an urgent concern for data security

In this article, The New Humanitarian interviews data protection experts who warn about the risks of the Taliban securing data from aid groups. Biometric data is of particular concern, given the collection of it having been a prerequisite in the access aid for many Afghan nationals.

"How long is data stored? Who else has access? Is there adequate consent from people receiving aid – often newly displaced with few other options? Are policies future-proofed to protect against unforeseen risks? The Taliban’s rapid takeover in Afghanistan has brought these and other questions to the forefront again."

As well as life-threatening situations for those in Afghanistan, the situation with data security in the country is of equally grave concern, as Karl Steinacker of the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Military Studies, states:

The Taliban have been given the keys to the server room, so to speak

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