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Big Tech and Privacy: Apple Flirts with the “Dark Side”

– Big Think

Apple’s new scanning software has shocked users and raised privacy concerns

Apple is renowned for its privacy policies in comparison to other large tech companies which collect data and spy on users, however this article argues that its new scanning infrastructure breaks this reputation.

“In August, Apple announced that it would take a drastic step further and push a software update for iPhones that would scan and analyze all of the images on your iPhone.”

Existing scanning software flags illicit content, namely CSAM (child sexual abuse material), through the identification of pre-existing materials. Apple’s infrastructure goes a step further by using computer algorithms to identify new potential CSAM. As it is unclear how the algorithmic database has been programed, it could flag religious, political or sensitive content that might be used against people.

There are many things that tech companies, federal agencies, or autocratic regimes around the world would love to know if you have on your phone. The possibilities are chilling

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