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Being Known to Be Kind

– Mastercard

Mastercard’s Bryn Robinson-Morgan outlines the case against online anonymity, and questions whether verified digital identities could stop social media trolls

The author states that in a virtual world where people can be cruel without consequence, enforcing a fixed digital identity could discourage online abuse.

“Having a verified identity will not stop unkind people from behaving in an offensive, abusive or vile way. Either online or in the real-world. What it can do though is make people more accountable.”

Robinson-Morgan emphasizes the qualities that a good digital identity would need to encompass, such as being inclusive of people who don’t possess documentation of their identity, privacy concerns, and reducing the risk of its monetization by tech companies.

An identity that isn’t permanently bound to our social media account, that offers privacy, security and pseudonymity of use can advance the position we’re in today. Ensuring we can all be kinder to each other

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