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Behavioral Biometrics: Simple and Secure Way to Authenticate Consumers’ Digital Identities

– Biometric Update

How behavioral biometrics can prevent fraud while preserving privacy

In this article, the author outlines how biometrics such as facial recognition can authenticate users’ identities and therefore put a stop to scams and cybercrime. While there are multiple issues raised by this technology - such as in-built bias which can exacerbate inequality, and concerns about the use of people’s data - behavioral biometric technology can provide an alternate solution:

“Behavioral biometrics (such as how someone holds and swipes on their phone, types in their password, or moves a mouse on computer) provides privacy preserving, frictionless, accessible, and inclusive methods to authenticate users in robust and failsafe ways.”

The author lists the advantages of this kind of biometrics, such as the lack of need for specialized technology, and a seamless user experience. He notes that compared to other kinds of biometrics it greatly enhances privacy and security.

Using the contextual data points of a consumer’s behavior, the data can be obfuscated thus allowing the identity of the user to be authenticated without knowing or accessing any PII data, thus preventing the privacy tsunami that is clearly just beginning

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