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Australia’s National Digital ID is Here, But the Government’s Not Talking About It

– The Conversation

Dr Patrick Scolyer-Gray, outlines Australia’s new National Digital ID platform, built by the country’s Digital Transformation Agency

Dr Scolyer-Gray, Research Fellow in Cyber Security at Deakin University, questions the Australian government’s development of this ID system in relative secrecy, without consultation of the general public, who will need to adopt the system for its success:

"History provides insight into some, but not all, of the numerous potential reasons for the DTA’s strategic opacity.  For example, people do not respond positively to what they do not understand. Surveys suggest that fewer than one in four Australians have a strong understanding of digital identification," writes Dr Scolyer-Gray.

Regardless of the direction Australia takes for the Digital National ID, there will be problems that need to be solved – and these will require dialogue and transparency.

Based on the idea of giving control to users, self-sovereign digital identification puts its users ahead of any institution, organisation or state. Incorporating elements from the self-sovereign approach might make the Australian system more appealing by addressing public concerns

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