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Australian Drivers Could Lead the Digital ID Revolution

– Techwire Asia

Digital driver’s licenses are soon to be available in Queensland, Australia

Licenses will mark the first step towards Queensland’s move to digital ID, but in the future, online government services could also be accessible through the app.

“Convenience aside, however, with all information pooled into a single app, these forms of ID do attract concerns around privacy, and there is a risk. As uptake rises then, regulations should be kept under constant review.”

As well as making everyday verification easier for people, it’s hoped that digital ID would also allow for easier online transactions, creating further commercial value as well as reducing companies’ administration costs.

Australia’s non-too-pushy approach could be a good tack to take. Consumers tend to take convenience over privacy concerns in the end, so letting them make the choice in their own time could lead to more eagerness to embrace digital ID technology in the long-run

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