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Are Contact Tracing Mandates Compatible With Data Protection Laws?

– CyberSecAsia

A look at how COVID-19 might impact privacy legislation and how businesses can comply

The article outlines just how important GDPR was to people’s understanding of privacy and their digital rights. It asks whether the pandemic means we should now be thinking differently about our privacy, once again.

“The pandemic called for collection of personal information, to help protect citizens and facilitate public health work such as contact tracing. How do GDPR and similar privacy legislation remain relevant in a pandemic or any future public crisis?”

The author states that businesses must be particularly careful about the data they collect in the current climate, by putting transparency and accountability first.

In the post-COVID-19 landscape, how will we ensure that this data does not fall into the wrong hands? On the other hand, should privacy requirements be relaxed due to the unprecedented nature of this global pandemic?

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