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Apple Pay Was Not Disruptive But Apple ID Will Be

– Forbes

A look at Apple's ID platform, the issues that need to be addressed, and the possible future of digital identity

The author states that a digital identity infrastructure is sorely lacking in the patent claims about verified identity Apple has registered.

“If Apple or Google want to replace my wallet, that means that they have to replace my driving licence, my loyalty cards, my rail discount pass, my travel insurance, my health insurance document, my blood donor card, my AA membership… well, you get the point.”

The article addresses how coronavirus has accelerated the need for digital identity, in order for more services to be accessible remotely. This means more thought about the kinds of identity systems we want to create is needed, and raises difficult questions about privacy and security.

I will explore some aspects of this problem and some ideas for solutions in future columns, but here I just want to say that digital identity is the foundation of existence in an online society and choices that are made about how those identities work will be fundamental to how that society is going to work in the future

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