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Apple is the 'Catalyst' That Will Push Google to Bring Digital IDs to Android

– Android Central

Apple’s move into securing its users' privacy will force Google to do the same

Unlike Apple, Google is yet to build an app that allows users to securely store driver’s licenses and government IDs on their devices, allowing other service providers to create apps for this instead.

"Google is unsure or not confident about the level of 'trust' for Google from a consumer end. Google's ad-driven business model places it two steps behind Apple on privacy and trust aspects."

When it comes to digital identities being accessible and trustworthy through digital devices like smartphones, experts suggest that Apple’s new focus on this will be the driving force that pushes Google to follow suit.

I think Google would have liked to lead in this area, but I think they have a larger ecosystem of partners to align, as well as perhaps other immediate platform priorities, and that is why it may not have been as high on the list to release

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