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Apple Files Digital Identity Credentials Patent


Tom Phillips reports on a newly uncovered digital identity patent filed by Apple in the United States in April 2020

As Phillips explains, the recently published patent document offers examples of how the company envisions the digital identity credential system could work.

"In addition, the patent explains how, in some situations, 'the identity credential may be presented with only a portion of the information on the identity credential visible (such as the user’s name and birth date for proof of age), and/or by providing a processed response to a request for information (eg ‘yes’ or ‘no’) based on information contained in the user’s identity credential'."

The variety of examples outline a system that could be used to encourage self-asserted identity that is controlled and owned by users, as well as a system that could be used by public services and authorities like first responders that are in the vicinity of users’ devices.

The Controlled Identity Credentials Release patent describes how a technology that enables “controlled methods of releasing, or providing the user’s digital identity credentials” could operate in different use cases

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