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Amnesty Seeks Moratorium on Surveillance Technology

– Aljazeera

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  • 20 August 2021

After governments were accused of using spyware, Amnesty International has called for a ban on digital surveillance

In the wake of revelations that Israeli firm NSO Group’s Pegasus software - which is capable of recording from a victim’s phone and harvesting data - has 50,000 targets for surveillance including journalists, activists, and government leaders, Amnesty is calling for an end to the surveillance industry.

“In a Friday statement, the NGO warned of ‘the devastating impact of the poorly regulated spyware industry on human rights worldwide’.”

The organization is seeking an immediate end to the sale, transfer, or use of these kinds of technologies in the absence of a legal framework which safeguards human rights.

Now, we urgently need greater regulation over the cyber-surveillance industry, accountability for human rights violations and abuses, and greater oversight over this shadowy industry

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