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Amazon's Vector Power Smart Meter Deal Puts 'How You Live Your Life' on Web Giant's Servers

– ABC News

How millions of Australians will have their utility consumption analyzed and commodified through a new partnership between New Zealand utility company Vector and Amazon Web Services

The scheme will draw data from 1.6 million smart meter-connected homes in Australia. Proponents claim it will allow new products and services to better serve customers, while opponents argue that it will be a massive invasion of privacy.

“The data goes far beyond how much power you use in a certain time of day — revealing things like the number of televisions you have, the age of your fridge and other appliances, and the number of people in your home.”

The exact details of the partnership have yet to be revealed, which Ziffer notes is worrying privacy advocates.

For the companies, it's a tightrope: the more anonymous the data is made, the less value it has overall

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