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Amazon Will Pay You $10 In Credit For Your Palm Print Biometrics

– TechCrunch

How biometric ID increases convenience - but also risk

Amazon is offering $10 of promotional credit to people who scan their palm print and link it to their Amazon accounts. This is part of its roll-out of in-store palm print scanners, which allow shoppers to pay by their palms, creating check-out-less shops.

"The retail and cloud giant says its palm scanning hardware 'captures the minute characteristics of your palm — both surface-area details like lines and ridges as well as subcutaneous features such as vein patterns — to create your palm signature' which is then stored in the cloud and used to confirm your identity when you’re in one of its stores."

While palm print biometrics increase convenience, Whittaker argues that Amazon’s data management policies are risky for customers. The company has historically sold facial recognition technology to the police, and biometric data can be used to track a person for life as they cannot be changed, as Albert Fox Cahn explains:

Biometric data is one of the only ways that companies and governments can track us permanently. You can change your name, you can change your Social Security number, but you can’t change your palm print

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