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AI Research Survey Finds Machine Learning Needs a Culture Change

– Venture Beat

This paper outlines the problems with machine learning models trained on datasets which lack diversity

The study, by University of Washington linguists, a Mozilla Foundation fellow, and Google research scientists, urges tech companies to protect the privacy and other rights of people whose data is used to train AI. Currently there is a lack of both diversity and respect for participants, which is a subset of the larger problems with AI:

“The paper concluded that large language models contain the capacity to perpetuate prejudice and bias against a range of marginalized communities and that poorly annotated datasets are part of the problem.”

Marginalized groups are at high risk of discrimination from the output of biased algorithms, a problem which has come under increasing scrutiny in the past year. The authors note it is not enough to merely change the datasets themselves - the entire culture must be overhauled.

Events over the past year have brought to light the machine learning community’s shortcomings and often harmed people from marginalized communities

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