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AI Now Launches “Regulating Biometrics: Global Approaches and Open Questions”

– AI Now

  • Case study
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 4 September 2020

A compendium of case studies related to biometric technologies

Facial and voice recognition software is increasingly being used by governments across the world, raising questions about privacy, and how these new technologies should be regulated. AI Now has put together eight case studies concerning the impact of biometrics, in order to highlight the critical questions that regulators need to address.

“Addressing this moment of possibility, AI Now worked with academics, advocates, and policy experts to publish a compendium of case studies on current attempts to regulate biometric systems, and reflect on the promise, and the limits, of the law.”

The case studies range from the use of facial recognition by police in the UK, to how India’s Aadhaar system uses citizens’ data as a source of value for private companies.

Advocates continue to remind developers, profiteers, and those using and regulating these biometric systems that the future course of these technologies must - and will - be subject to greater democratic control

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