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Africa, the New Model of Data Sovereignty

– ID4Africa

A look at digital economies on the African continent

The author writes how the African continent could lead the rest of the world in digital payments that are not dominated by tech giants, such as Google and Apple. It is doing so creatively and in a way that is ingrained into the countries’ cultures.

“A multitude of startups are developing new services adapted to their tradition and local culture of their population usage, eager for simplification in their everyday life. Whether it’s collecting your salary in mobile money at a local kiosk, paying for your public transport ticket in mobility, paying for your doctor’s visit, school tuition fees and more.”

However, this explosion of digital technologies has meant that countries are saturated with different payment methods - in some there are more than 50. The author’s company Famoco has developed software solutions for recording transactions securely while preserving data sovereignty.

Our solutions can respond to a multitude of opportunities and challenges like financial inclusion, especially to the most vulnerable populations, strong identification of SIM card buyers, validation of transport tickets, and all that African countries could encounter and will develop for their future

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