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Africa Goes Digital

– International Monetary Fund

Cristina Duarte discusses the digital technology industry across the continent of Africa

The special adviser on Africa to United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, highlights how the digital technology industry has grown from the ground up - through start-ups, tech hubs and data centers, but calls on policymakers to urgently implement digital technologies within an ecosystem of innovation.

“The socioeconomic divide in Africa feeds the digital divide, and vice versa. Digitalization needs to be scaled up forcefully by policymakers to unlock structural transformation.”

Duarte goes on to explain how investment in broad-based digitalization is crucial not only to address socioeconomic problems but also to deal with security challenges.

From an economic standpoint, better information and communication technology democratizes information crucial to production and market agents… and the most vulnerable people will benefit. However, the massive adoption of digital technologies also means that policymakers must be aware of and address the complex legal and ethical impact of technology in society, including privacy, data, and tax evasion

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