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Adoption and Acceptance of Digital Identity

– IDCentral

How digital identity can help unlock the potential of emerging economies

The author writes that digital ID schemes can allow for people without a legal identity - of which there are 1 billion around the world - to be included in the formal economy and have access to crucial public services. In Indonesia, for example, the country’s digital ID database is used to easily and efficiently distribute social welfare to those in need.

“Digital ID can help remove these barriers towards basic needs. It can also help the rest of the world’s dwellers, who hold some form of ID but have limited access to online services or are transacting online but find it difficult to keep track of their transactions securely and efficiently."

The article argues that non-digital ID systems carry a risk of error when merging two systems, and can be easily forged, unlike digital identity schemes which are interoperable and secure.

This step by governments of different countries to build a national digital ID system is certainly the first step in building a digitally inclusive society

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