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Access, Agency and Empowerment Through Disability-Inclusive ID Systems

– World Bank

How people with disabilities can be excluded from ID systems, furthering their marginalization

This article outlines how people with disabilities are more likely to face barriers when accessing ID schemes. This can be due to mobility issues, social stigma, lack of staff training, and the need for assistance when completing forms. But ID can be hugely empowering:

"Having an ID also has the potential to transform the life of a person with a disability, as one traditional leader in a leprosy community in Nigeria shared during a national research study."

The authors give suggestions for how ID system enrollment can be made more accessible for disabled people, including engaging them throughout the design process, offering information in multiple formats such as sign language, and implementing inclusive legal frameworks.

Creating an inclusive ID system requires a comprehensive, whole-of-system approach to overcome barriers to ID enrollment and use for persons with disabilities

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