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A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity

– Domi

  • Explainer
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Domi Labs (Domi)
  • 9 July 2021

How self-sovereign identity (SSI) works, and how it will transform our digital experience

This article explores the current state of our online identities, wherein our personal identity is siloed and held by third parties on various servers - and is therefore more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Corporations such as Google offer the ability to use your account with them to access other sites, but this comes with problems of its own:

“The companies that dominate the federated identity space, basically acting as middlemen for your digital existence, have huge economic incentive to collect as much data about your online interactions as possible — and mine it for profit.”

The article outlines the technology that makes SSI possible, and posits it as a crucial alternative to the current identity landscape. Rather than giving up our information to tech giants, through these digital credentials we can hold our data on our own devices and decide exactly what to share and with whom.

SSI provides an independent existence and absolute control for its users, who hold the access to their own data. That means no intermediaries owning or sifting through your data: it belongs to you

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