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  • Teki Akuetteh Falconer

    Good Digital ID Benefits Everyone

    Teki Akuetteh Falconer of Africa Digital Rights Hub talks accuracy, data protection, and how she’s pushing forward the policy debate in 2019.

  • Titi Akinsanmi

    African Countries Must Work Together for Good ID

    Harvard University's Titi Akinsanmi talks about users taking ownership of identity, pan-African cooperation, and the true meaning of privacy.

  • iStock-155359167-16.9.jpg

    Beware of Tech Companies Playing Government

    This opinion piece from Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands, highlights the concerns of leaving the protection of citizens' rights online to tech companies instead of governments, and insists whomever is ultimately in control of digital rights must be held accountable.

  • iStock-599755012-16.9.jpg

    Point of View: Digital Identity and Privacy

    In its 2017 point of view, Omidyar Network shares its thoughts on how the organization defines digital identity, why digital identity is necessary, and its view on how digital identity can lead to empowerment.

  • iStock-641355308-16.9.jpg

    Good ID in 2019: A Year for Action

    Last year we saw high profile data breaches, GDPR, and new controls over India's identity program. Now is the time to shape and safeguard identification systems for the better, argues CV Madhukar.