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6 Out of 9 Million Huduma Namba Cards Collected as Government Set To Roll Out Phase 2 Registration

– Shahidi

Kenyans are being urged to collect their Huduma Namba cards as soon as possible

Nine million of Kenya's ID cards have been processed and sent out across the country, with two-thirds having reached their recipients. But the ongoing drought has made it hard for authorities to contact people to collect their cards, as many citizens have had to travel far from home in search of water.

“With several telecommunication masts having been destroyed as a result of various terror attacks in the county, Cherutich said that many residents might not have received text messages notifying them when and where to collect their cards.”

A government spokesperson has also warned people of fraudulent texts, claiming to be from the government and demanding payment for the release of their card:

We wish to remind Kenyans that the issuance of Huduma Card is free. Nobody should be conned [into] giving out any money to anyone. Any message purporting to be coming from the government and asking the recipient for any money is fake and should be treated as so

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