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4 Principles for Securing the Digital Identity Ecosystem

– World Economic Forum

Why cooperation and trust are pivotal for ensuring secure digital identity systems

This article outlines how trust and incentive could be the solution to ensuring standardized credentials are interoperable with different systems, in the way passports are used around the world.

“Just as a physical passport provides ease of movement, imagine the convenience of having your own digital identity “passport” you can present every time you want to access a new online service, without providing all the usual personal information and creating a username password, and other authentication factors.”

While trust works both ways between the user and the issuer, the incentives are focused at the issuers, who would benefit from the enhanced knowledge of potential security threats that comes with cooperation.

Securing the digital identity ecosystem matters because it can help to establish the basis for such trust online: among service providers, identity services, and – most importantly – users who will drive the commercial and government transactional engines

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