Photo: DFID / Simon Davis

4 CovTech Success Stories You Probably Won’t Know About

– GovInsider

Lessons learnt from existing public health worker payment plans, social safety nets, cash transfer schemes, and e-Government platforms

Using examples from Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Togo, and Rwanda, Claire Bedoui explores public health, digital identity, and digital finance schemes from various countries, and what can be learnt from these experiences for application during the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There will be a pre-coronavirus and a post-coronavirus era for digital service units across the globe. Many of them have proven essential in fighting the pandemic, and won new supporters. They will be equally indispensable during the recovery. Their ability to work across silos, to deliver at pace in times of uncertainty, and to understand the needs of citizens, have shown to be especially useful in times of crisis.”

Bedoui suggests these existing schemes, as well as political buy-in, has supported successful programs during the COVID-19 pandemic for paying healthcare workers and government employees, digital identity services, and banking outlets.

Now that we enter a transition period, governments need to strengthen their digital capabilities to face an era of accelerated digital transformation

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